• Can your employees work as productively and securely at home as they did in the office when they were directly connected, using corporate networks and systems?
  • Are your clients getting the same level of service that they experienced before — if not better?
  • Is your business growing and meeting or exceeding its business objectives and shareholder expectations?
  • Client Experience — did your clients feel the switch to WFH? Is your online presence a good experience for your clients? Did the pandemic make it harder for your clients to buy from you?
  • Operational Efficiency — Did you stumble through the lockdowns with uncertainty, do things as you have always done, or did you embrace technology and automate and increase throughput?
  • Risk Management — did you manage to escape a cyber-attack, with data security breaches at all-time highs?
  • System Reliability — 24/7 availability with 99.9% uptime is table stakes — Did any of your critical systems “go down” due to unprecedented network traffic or workload?
  • Business as Usual — WFH enablement of staff — how long did it take your organization to resume BAU working from home? Are you at risk of losing key IT talent in this time of high attrition?



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