• Siloed teamwork
  • Over-desk-discussions
  • People-dependent data pointers/excel sheets
  • Non-centralized products/services and their prices
  • Many back-and-forth queries and responses within the team and across end customers
  • Delay in end customer responses
  • A delayed (and stressful) approval process
  • Abrupt and inappropriate discounts
  • Time-consuming quotation document reviews
  • Delay in the deal closure process and contract milestones
  • CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)
  • CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management)
  • RM&M (Revenue Management and Monetization)
  • Reduce sales cycles and quoting errors with automated workflows for pulling accurate product info, schematics, and (contract-based) pricing into quotes on any device.
  • Centralized and ever accessible data with cloud SaaS platform in place, siloed teamwork would be a problem of the past, due to provision of centralized and secure data which can be further integrated or migrated as per the need.
  • Increase the deal size and win rates by recommending products, upsells, and cross-sells based on purchase history.
  • Quick launch of new products/services and pricing with help of no-code configuration tools. Any admin member can easily deploy and launch new products/services configurations along with pricing changes without much technical support.
  • Simplify order capture and fulfillment of complex products by being flexible to create bundles, options, accessories, and sub-products or assembly items, manage pricing hierarchies & tiers across multiple partners & regions.
  • Offer self-service options & improve multi-channel performance by keeping all channels like e-Commerce, mobile, social, or tele sales, connected and on track.
  • Improve customer retention and partner loyalty by keeping customers & partners updated and notified to track contractual obligations, products, and prices.
  • Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness with help of intelligent insights and automated actions (in various functionalities).



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