• Product envisioning and discovery
  • Product delivery
  • Product optimization
  • Product evolution
  • Who are the direct users?
  • What are the impacted users?
  • What are the users trying to achieve?
  • What are the user problems that exist in the market?
  • What potential opportunities or market gaps can help you generate revenue?
  • Are the market gaps big enough? Are they worth solving?
  • Does our solution address the gaps so that value is created for the users?
  • How can we make the solution sustainable by monetizing it correctly?
  • Have we identified any innovation that can bring in 10x ROI?
  • What is the best way to test the solution quickly, efficiently, and in an affordable manner?
  • Can we test new features using a closed beta program?
  • How can we fix the gaps in our product before making it public?
  • What are the performance indicators that show whether our solution is working?
  • How can we measure user engagement metrics at each step of the funnel?
  • Are there any vanity metrics that teams should be focusing on?
  • What metrics will tell us if we are on the path to maximum value creation?
  • How can we build the instrumentation to track metrics continuously?
  • Do we have enough granularity to know why products or features fail when and if they do?
  • What are the best ways to experiment with our metrics?
  • How can we prioritize which stories should be tested first?
  • How do we efficiently run tests within our development cycle?
  • Finally, how do we constantly recognize new avenues of value creation?



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