• running equipment only when necessary.
  • operating the equipment at minimum capacity, and
  • minimizing the peak electricity demand.
  • High implementation cost
  • Each BAS system for a building is a bespoke implementation
  • All BAS systems must use the same point naming conventions (standard ontology)
  • Point names in a building must be mapped automatically (automated point mapping)
  • These standards do not represent all the metadata required in a building application.
  • No laws or regulations are mandating the use of standardized point name schemas.
  • The average lifespan of a building, depending on the type of construction material (steel, wood, concrete, etc.), is anywhere between 51 to 87 years. Of the total 5.5 million commercial buildings in the US, 4.5 million (81%) were constructed before the dawn of the new millennium.
  • Identifying the point type automatically.
  • Identifying the spatial context between the sensors and building spaces.
  • Discovering the functional relationship between HVAC components cannot be done automatically without context.

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